The Boudoir in Eau Claire, WI is Now Open!

Eau Claire, WI Boudoir Photography
Boudoir Photography is an art form. It is about showing a woman what she’s got, and telling her to “Show ‘em what you’re workin’ with.” This is a celebration of a woman’s beautiful body, but also what’s on the inside of that beautiful body. The heart and soul that makes that woman unique and beautiful. A truly great photo isn’t just capturing a moment, it’s also about capturing what is really there, what is on the inside.

This is what The Boudoir of Eau Claire, WI is all about. Boudoir photography is a specialized art form in its own right which we decided needed to have it’s own face and identity.  The website is still being worked on with a few changes here and there.

This Sunday is our Grand Opening Valentine’s Day Special!! These prices just can’t be beat. $150 gets you 40 minutes of session time in a swanky hotel, 1 fully edited image, and 2 mini accordion albums. 1 to keep, 1 to give away to your significant other. Now only 4 sessions are available so book them while you can.

You can visit The Boudoir on Facebook also.



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