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The Eau Claire Wedding of Steve and Claire Photograph

I was the second wedding photographer for this amazingly beautiful wedding that took place at Immaculate Conception Parish in Eau Claire, WI, with Violet Photography & Design.  The ceremony took place  in this gorgeous church which was an absolute joy to photograph. After the ceremony, the wedding party took a limo provided by Mr. Limo to Eau Claire Golf and Country Club. This establishment is also very beautiful and elegant located near the Eau Claire River. After a great meal put on my the club, it was time for dancing and fun provided by Midwest Entertainment.

I processed this entire wedding in a film like black and white with almost creamy blacks. Many wedding photographers veer away  from having a lot of black and white photographs let alone an entire black and white wedding. Black and white has such a timeless classic look. One issue today with digital black and white photography, is that many computer programs including photo kiosks use a grayscale conversion technique or a desaturation process that does not create a true black and white image. Black and white does not mean void of color in the photography world. These grayscale images usually lack contrast and are very flat with low depth. Different types of film can create different looking black and white photographs but they all have true black and white characteristics which sets them apart. I try to emulate these different looks whenever I do a black and white conversion as they just feel much richer and are much more enjoyable to look at.

Black and white photography is all about the contrast of light. Color photography is can be about the contrast of light or the contrast of color which makes good black and white photography much harder to achieve. Color photography can also use color to affect the mood of an image where as black and white photography relies solely on the subject  and lighting. I love black and white photography but it is still a very difficult decision to make when processing images when you come across such beautiful colors and color contrasts. I hope you enjoy my 100% black and white wedding below.

Bride and Groom Walk Across the Green at Eau Claire Golf and Country Club Photograph

Angel Statue PhotographBride With Vail Over Her Face Getting Ready PhotographBride and Her Mother Having Their Hair Curled PhotographBlack and White Hanging Wedding Dress PhotographWedding Dress Bead and Jewel Detail PhotographRochelles Salon Spa Styling Brides Hair PhotographTattoed Hair Stylist Working on Bridesmaid Up Do PhotographTattooed Wedding Hair Stylist PhotographRochelles Salon Spa Stylist Does Bridesmaid Up Do PhotographFlower Girl Gets Her Hair Done PhotographFlower Girl Eats Some Fruit Before HAving Her Hair Done PhotographBride Does Her Makeup in Mirror PhotographBridesmaid Does Her Makeup PhotographBridesmaid Does Her Eye Makeup PhotographBrides Pearl Earrings PhotographBrides Diamond Steve Madden Shoes PhotographBrides Mother Puts on Her Pearl Braclet PhotographGlobe Eau Claire Wisconsin PhotographImmaculate Conception Parish in Eau Claire WI PhotographImmaculate Conception Parish Entrance PhotographInterior of Immaculate Conception Church PhotographCross and Hanging Ornate Light in Church PhotographImmaculate Conception Parish Cross Light Fixture Christ on a Cross PhotographLarge Stained Glass Window in Eau Claire Church PhotographImmaculate Conception Parish Looking Up the Aisle PhotographThe Bible Stained Glass Window Scripture of Marriage PhotographAlmost Time for the Wedding Ceremony PhotographCustom Wedding Program on Linen Paper PhotographGroomsmen Going Over the Wedding Programs PhotographKay Jewelers Grooms Ring PhotographBride and Groom Reveal Before the Ceremony PhotographGroom and His Two Brothers PhotographBlack and White Gallery of Bridesmaids PhotographBridesmaids in the Church PhotographGroom and His Best Man Groomsmen and Ushers PhotographThe Brides Final Preparations PhotographThe Bride Strikes a Pose While On Her Cell Phone PhotographThe Bestman Gives the Ring Bearers One Last Once Over PhotographSeating the Guests at Immaculate Conception Parish PhotographFATHER JAMES KURZYNSKI Lights a Candle PhotographThe Guys Get a Kick Out of the Brides Pump Up Song Photograph

Bride and Groom Walk Down the Aisle PhotographBride Walks Down the Aisle at Immaculate Conception Parish in Eau Claire PhotographParents Walk Bride Down the Aisle PhotographBlack and White Stained Glass Window PhotographPriest Does Wedding Ceremony PhotographEau Claire Church Detail PhotographPipe Organ in Church PhotographVocalist TERRY M HOEPNER PhotographBride and Groom at the Alter With the Priest PhotographJust Married Walking Down The Isle PhotographFlower Girl With a Handful of Flowers PhotographMr Limo Pick Up the Wedding Party at the Church in Eau Claire PhotographWedding Party in the Mr Limo PhotographBride at the Eau Claire Golf and Country Club PhotographBride and Her Wedding Party Arrive at the Eau Claire Golf and Country Club PhotographBride is all Smiles PhotographRustic Pine Chandelier in the Eau Claire Golf and Country Club Entryway PhotographLooking Up the Stairs to the Main Floor at Eau Claire Golf and Country Club in Eau Claire PhotographInterior Dining Room of Eau Claire Golf and Country Club PhotographInterior Photos of Eau Claire Golf and Country Club Dining Area PhotographWedding Party at the Eau Claire Golf and Country Club PhotographBride and All of the Flower Girls PhotographGroom and His Friends PhotographGroomsmen and Ushers on the Green PhotographBalcony Overlooking the Golf Course at Eau Claire Country Club PhotographEau Claire Golf and Country Club Balcony PhotographThe Wedding Guest Mingle PhotographPool Area of the Eau Claire Golf and Country Club PhotographBride and Groom Kissing on the Green PhotographBride and Groom Walk Across the Green at Eau Claire Golf and Country Club1 PhotographGroom Kisses Bride Under Tree PhotographBride and Groom Portrait on the Green PhotographWedding Rings on Teed on the Green With a Golf Ball PhotographWedding Rings on a Cupcake by Simply Cakes PhotographWedding Rings on a White Frosted Cupcake PhotographSimply Cakes Cupcakes PhotographLittle Girl Runs Past Cupcake Desert Table PhotographBride Talking With Guests PhotographBride and Groom Mingle PhotographThe Bar at the Wedding Reception PhotographWedding Guests at Eau Claire Golf and Country Club PhotographWedding Guests in Conversation PhotographEau Claire Golf and Country Club Plated Food at Wedding Reception PhotographWedding Party Surround the Cupcakes PhotographBride Releases the Children to the Cupcakes PhotographReeses Pieces Wedding Guest Gift Candy Bar PhotographSour Gummy Candy Wedding Guest Gift Candy Bar PhotographWedding Candy Bar Overrun by Children Photograph

Girls Dancing Together1 PhotographBride and Grooms First Dance at Eau Claire Golf and Country Club PhotographBride and Grooms First Dance Happy Laughing Bride PhotographBride Dances With Her Father PhotographGroom Dances With His Mother PhotographBride and Groom Dance Into the Night Photograph


Bridal Gown|BELLA BRIDAL BOUTIQUE – Woodbury, MN

Stylists|ROCHELLE”S SALON & SPA – Eau Claire, WI


Cake|SIMPLY CAKES – Chippewa Falls, WI




Wedding Soloist|TERRY M. HOEPNER – Eau Claire, WI


Bridesmaids Dresses|THE BRIDAL SHOPPE – Eau Claire, WI

Tuxes|MEN”S WAREHOUSE – Eau Claire, WI



Limo|MR. LIMOEau Claire, WI


Primary Photographer|VIOLET PHOTOGRAPHY & DESIGN – Altoona, WI

Secondary Photographer|TRAVIS DEWITZ – Eau Claire, WI



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