September 21, 2014 Travis Dewitz

Jonathan and Skye Wedding  Cabinet Card

Vintage Native Bride and Groom

I had the privilege to be Jonathan and Skye’s wedding photographer this August. Their wedding was held just outside the Badlands in Mandaree, North Dakota. They had a traditional Mandan wedding ceremony that included binding their wrists together, being draped in a Buffalo Hide, and smoking from a wooden pipe as a blessing was spoken. Their wedding was moved into the Water Chief Hall last minute due to the weather but they were able to set everything up just in time. After the traditional native ceremony, we drove to the Badlands for a few portraits of the bride and groom. We went back to the reception hall for dinner and to watch a comedy act. They also had a musician and DJ for entertainment that filled the rest of the evening. I hope you love the photos that show you their very special day.

IMG_2220Wedding Dress With SunWedding Dress DetailWedding Dress and Cowgirl Boots

Western Boots and DressBride Having Hair DoneMake Up BrushesBride Getting Ready

Skye Getting Ready

Wedding Rings on Bison

Mother Buttoning Up Wedding DressBride Putting on GauntletsBriding Hugging FriendBride in MirrorBride Peeking Out WindowGroom and Guest with Cowboy Hats

Groom Tieing Tie

Wedding Rings on Gold Antlers

Cowboy Making PopcornNative Girls


Looking Through Popcorn MakerYoung Native American With PopcornGold Sphere DecorationLolipops

Wedding Guest Book TableWedding Cake TopperWestern Wedding CakeWedding Cake DetailEngraved Wedding Cake Server

Pink LemonaidWedding Candy TableWedding Flower DecorationsWedding HallWedding Guests TalkingNative DrumDrum SetTraditional ChantingWedding SeatingYoung Native American BoyNative in Cowboy HatGroom Holding His DaughterTwo Men TalkingStanding at the DoorIMG_2514IMG_2512IMG_2517Three Girls

Father Hugging Son

White FlowersHere Comes the Bride Sign

IMG_2526Bride with Her MotherGroom Hugging Mother in LawBride and GroomMandan Wedding Pipe

Traditional Mandan Wedding CeremonyTraditional Mandan Wedding Ceremony Bride and Groom

Traditional Mandan Wedding Ceremony Binding Wrists TogetherBride and Groom Walk Down Aisle

Traditional Mandan Wedding Ceremony VowsGetting Pipe Ready for Ceremony

Traditional Mandarin Wedding Ceremony Buffalo SkinJust MarriedWalking Down the AisleBride and Groom Wrapped in Buffalo HideGroom With Bison HideFather of the Groom Pulling Buffalo Hide OffBride and Groom Leave Wedding VenueFirst KissCongratulating the BrideLittle Girl Shakes Grooms HandGroom Takes a BreakWedding Party in Back of Pickup Truck

Bride and Groom in Back of PickupBride Holding GroomBride Lifts Dress to Show BootsBride and Groom Portrait

Groom Dips Bride in the BadlandsBride and Groom Pose in North Dakota Badlands

Cutting the CakeBride and Groom Cut the CakeIMG_2717IMG_5956IMG_2700Bride and Groom KissBride and Groom First Dance

Bride and Groom Dance Native Music

Native Bride With Her DaughterBride and Daughter DanceBride Dancing With Her Daughter

IMG_2766Wedding GuestsIMG_2775







Native Men OutsideLittle Girl by Popcorn MachineCrowd LaughingGrandpa Smiling Holding Grand DaughterCurious GirlTradtional Native American Bride and Groom DanceWedding Guest Videoing Comedy ActFriendsGroom and FriendNative American Pipe MusicianHolding BabyYoung Child Looking Back

Bride and Groom Storm Clouds

Horses at Sunset


Comedian | TITO YBARRA – Bemidji, MN
Primary Photographer|DEWITZ PHOTOGRAPHY – Eau Claire, WI
Secondary Photographer|VIOLET PHOTOGRAPHY & DESIGN – Altoona, WI

travis dewitz pines portrait suit thumb web PhotographAs an established and versatile photographer I work in many genres of photography. Environmental Portraiture allows me to connect my genuine curiosity of my subject into a visual timeless story through the creation of their  portrait. Working with the naivety and quiet beauty of people fascinates me as I engage in the essence of who they are and their true sense of identity. I photograph the emotion and personality in their everyday being through deliberate details and natural flair. My yearning is to naturally engage you doing what you love and the essence of who you really are.

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Travis Dewitz

I. Love. Photography. I love it. It lightens my heart, fills my soul, and allows me to capture life the way that I see it. I constantly yearn to show life in a way that hasn’t been seen before, to bring images to people in a fresh and innovative way. My favorite focus in photography, my specialty I guess you would say, is Railroad Photography & Art. Something about the rumbling of these great, big, beautiful machines. The way they shake the earth beneath you as they rumble by, how they invade your chest and you can feel the rumble inside you. The plumes of heat on a hot day represented in a heat wave. Snaking through a western valley, void of trees or any other distracting element. Just the train, by itself, in it’s own inexplicable beauty and power. From the time I was a child, they have captured my imagination. I’ve recently gotten into portraiture a bit, and I want to bring some of my experiences with trains to that arena. To capture the power of a person, the sadness, loneliness, omniscience, pride, love, & carefree spirit in a way that hasn’t been done before. I want people to look at themselves in a photograph I have taken, and see a side of themselves that they think no one else has ever seen. Dewitz Photography is all about capturing a moment in a way that has never been seen before, capturing a beauty that some never knew was even there.

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  1. Bonnie McNellan via Facebook

    Wow, beautiful pictures that really tell the story of their wedding and also who they are…loved the detail!

  2. Barbara Ehret via Facebook

    Beautiful photos! Just amazing shots captured to hold a life time.

  3. Georgia Fox

    Thank you!!! I was sorry I could not make the wedding since I just moved to Oklahoma and I been wanting to see pictures of the wedding… WOW! You captured a lot of the wedding and seeing relatives and friends there! I loved all the pictures you took and did a wonderful job in capturing Skye and Jonathan in the badlands and at the wedding. Thank you,,, THank YOU!!!
    What you did in Photography will be a life time experience to remember for a life time!

  4. Shanayah Bird

    So beautiful.. Looks like a fairy tale. Aw my heart.. Just feel it.. Congratulations.

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