Dewitz Photography Splits Up

eau claire photographer reviews

eau claire photographer reviews

Keeping all of my different photography styles, subjects, projects, and genres under one roof just isn’t a good fit. People get confused and it is just really hard to tell what I do. So these past few weeks and I am sure the next few weeks to come, my photography will be getting a divorce. Don’t worry, it is an amicable separation.

The Dewitz Photography website will continue to be the Eau Claire Portrait Photographer place to go. This site will have all the information and photography examples you need if you want portrait photography, wedding photography, pet photography, commercial and/or event photography done in or around Eau Claire, Wisconsin and the Chippewa Valley. You need photography done, come to

Because senior portrait photography is such a blast for me to shoot, all high school seniors get their own place to come to see what I have to offer. That place is Eau Claire Senior Pictures. This website will specialize in senior portraits in the Eau Claire and Chippewa Valley area.

My personal photography and photography projects will now have a new home at Travis Dewitz Photography. Some of my personal photography has a darker side which I do not want to be mistaken as all I do by someone that might be looking for a wedding photographer which is one of the reasons I wanted to separate my works to separate sites. My female empowerment project Femme Forte, Portrait of the Wisconsin Farm, Inside Out, among others will be moved here.

The Photography Blog here, will house all news, latest shoots, updates, and other photography related information all three sites above. Keeping up on one blog is hard enough so need for separate blogs for all 3 locations.

Many of you know that railroad photography is what started me into photography in the first place when I was 13. Railroad photography is still a large part of my life and is offers me great enjoyment. Railroad and train photography really doesn’t fit in well with my other sites, so it got its own. My railroad work can be seen and followed at The Railroad Collection. Trains and railroads are greatly enjoyed by many even though it is a niche hobby. There are many magazine publications, websites, companies, and organization that I need a way to promote my railroad photography to, besides that I love doing it.

I hope you don’t mind the mess and new changes but in the end I hope these changes makes finding what you need and working with me that much easier.

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