My First Photo Newsletter and How Easily You Can Get It

Why am I receiving this?

This is my first official Photo Newsletter and there are a couple of reasons why you are receiving this.

1. Many of you were subscribed to my email RSS feed. That email RSS feed would send you my latest blog posts via email whenever there was a new one. I switched you over from that feed to my new Photo Newsletter email service. If you prefer the old RSS feed email I will switch you back, just let me know at

2. Those of you that were not part of my RSS feed email list were personally added by me. I added some of my friends, family, and business connections that I personal thought would enjoy the Photo Newsletter and latest info in it.

Security Issues and Spam

You are receiving this Photo Newsletter because you subscribed at Dewitz Photography or I added your email personally. I know that many of you trust me and I wanted to let you know I only added those who I felt would enjoy this. Your email will not be shared, sold, or used by anyone else. Trust has always been my #1 priority. If you do not want this newsletter emailed to you, you can easily unsubscribe from it. Just click unsubscribe at the very bottom.

What is this Photo Newsletter?

It is really just my latest Dewitz Photography blog posts sent directly to your email. My blog posts usually contain my latest photography, informative photography videos, and photography training, tips, and tricks.

How Often Will This Come To My Email?

You will never receive this newsletter more than once a day. Most of the time you will only get this newsletter weekly or bi-weekly.

Why Not Just Go To My Blog?

We are all busy people and sometimes we just don’t have the time to visit every site that we want to. Sometimes my blog updates can be weeks apart and can be easily forgotten. So this makes it easy for you to follow me without leaving your email account. Bonus – The Newsletter will occasionally include specials or exclusive information that will not be found anywhere else including my blog.

Why I Want You To Get This Newsletter!

There are three honest reasons why I want you to get my Photo Newsletter.

1. I know many of you enjoy photography and also enjoy my photography in particular. My friends and family like to keep up with my latest news and projects as well, along with many of my clients.

2. I want to sell you my photography services. Is that honest enough?

3. Many of you may never need or want to purchase my services. I would still love to see you getting this newsletter because it keeps my photography services in the forefront of your mind which someday may come to use when someone you know may need a photographer and hopefully you tell them Dewitz Photography.

What Exactly Does This Photo Newsletter Look Like?

RSS Email Subscription Photo Newsletter

I Didn’t Get This, How Can I Subscribe?

As easy as 1.2.3.

1. Type your email in the Subscribe to Photo Newsletter box on the right and click Subscribe.

2. Pop up stating confirmation email sent.

3. Open confirmation email and click Confirm.

Photo Newsletter Subscription

That’s it. Your are now a proud Dewitz Photography Photo Newsletter subscriber.

Four Key Points

1. Subscribing to this newsletter is easy, safe, and spam free; while still containing cool stuff.

2. The newsletter occasionally contains deals and exclusive info which will not be available anywhere else.

3. It comes to you, instead of you going to it. You save time.

4. The more you see my work, the easier you may remember me, the better the chance I get to do what I love.

Thank you for subscribing!

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