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Is this a sales pitch? No. But here is a $10 discount code TDEW2869 for .

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I am a very happy customer. I love the ease of use, functionality, and look of their website design. I think Pro Photo Blogs is a great program to use for any photographer but especially the photographer that sells weddings photography, portraits photography, children photography, and the like to the general public. Why? I think having the ability to have a full width blog on your homepage is a great way to show your work in it’s full glory. I love the look of my site and I love even more how easy it was to build and how many options and the ability to customize the color (any color) of anything on the site.

My site is on the platform and I am using Pro Photo Blogs to customize it.

I have only used 3 other templates. One that I first bought for $40 was the Cadca theme. I spent 2 days with it and just could not get it to work like I wanted it too. I was no wordpress pro at that time and I still am not but I had no where to turn. The author wasn’t a lot of help but he did try, there were no tutorials, and I just couldn’t get the easy stuff to work so I decided to bail before I had to much time into it. Flushed that $40 in a hurry.

The next theme I bought and used was the Alyeska theme. This theme is $30. This is a great theme. Very easy to use, nice look, author was a great help, his tutorials were very helpful, and it was just an overall simple and easy theme to use. I still use it today with and that use this theme.

Why did I change then? I felt my photography site was lacking with Alyeska in a few areas and it just didn’t have the look I wanted.

I wanted better control of the look and colors.
I wanted a full width blog.
I wanted a sleek modern look.
I wanted more options.

I ran across this website – and I knew this was the look I wanted. I checked out and spent a few days looking at all the examples I could find. Some weren’t what I wanted but I saw a lot of potential and ideas that I did want so I took the plunge. Pro Photo Blogs is $199 and worth every penny.



I built my site within 3 days after work and 1 day weekend day. It is still a work in progress with some tweaking that needs to be done. But it couldn’t have been easier to build. I can’t believe all the choices and their library of help tutorial videos is amazing. I am very, very happy. I highly recommend the Alyeska theme if you like that look and that price tag or the Pro Photo Blog theme if you like that look or usability and customization ability. The Prophotoblogs also have extra themes for sale on their site by other users (under design store) but mine was built on their base platform.


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  • Jasmin Ratnam - September 11, 2012 - 6:05 am

    I’m so glad I found my solution online.

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    nice..!I am extremely impressed with the dedication of net rivet in their focus to create feature-packed, dynamic blogs for professional photographers and had a great discount on such a photo-shoot and the pics great with good pixelsReplyCancel

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