A Selection of My Favorite Portraits From the First Day of the Northern Wisconsin State Fair

July 13, 2013 Travis Dewitz

With only one day left I figured I would post some of my favorite portraits I captured while covering  the first day of the Northern Wisconsin State Fair. The rides and midway are still being set up and the livestock are still getting accustomed to their new digs. Some food stands are open and agriculture judging  has already started. The barns are bustling with activity as the official start of the fair is just a day away. A short-lived rainstorm helped cool the air as work continued on the midway getting all the rides up and ready. Everyone was willing to get their portraits taken to help document the people who make this fair possible year after year. Thank you to all of you that helped.


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Travis Dewitz is a remarkable photographer in the Chippewa Valley. He is well known for photographing local sceneries, landmarks, venues, buildings and people in various and ingenious ways. Though you not know him personally, his work provides a unique foundation of our local community and his photographs are unmistakable. Dewitz’s pictures are an impressive feat and preserve a moment; long after our travels are over, and our memories faded, photos are what remind us of the adventures we had and the connections to the people we met. Learn more about him here.

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Travis Dewitz

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