Dewitz Photography’s 2014 in Review

January 1, 2015 Travis Dewitz

2014 was an incredible year. It was extremely busy and filled with many new and exciting offerings. I was privileged to be a speaker at The Railroad Photography and Art Conference in Chicago last May. The release of Blaze Orange last fall was filled with many new experiences as I stepped into the book publishing world. With the new book came countless interviews and a TV appearance in Milwaukee. The end of 2014 included a group photo installation at The Monmouth Museum in Lincroft, New Jersey. I can’t even come close to listing everything but I want to touch on as many of my highlights as I can to share with you. I will start with a few highlights and then my top 5’s posts in multiple categories including views, Facebook likes, comments, and personal favorites and I than I will end with a few odd and ends from last year.


Brand New for 2014 are my Custom and Handmade Cabinet Cards.

Native American Wedding Cabinet Card


One of the Biggest Events in 2014 was the release of my book, Blaze Orange – Whitetail Deer Hunting in Wisconsin.



Top 5 Most Liked Posts of 2014

  1. Holler Girl – The Story of a West Virginia Native 9.7k Likes
  2. Pieces of Me – Keystone Tipple 6.1k Likes
  3. Rotkäppchen – The Dark Tale of Red Riding Hood 303 Likes
  4. Black and White Photo Series from the 2014 Northern Wisconsin State Fair 252 Likes
  5. Teslyn Youth Model | A Strong Passion Realized by Chance 230 Likes


Top 10 Modern Photojournalists and Documentary Photographers Thin

Top 5 Most Visited Posts in 2014

  1. Top 10 Modern Photojournalists and Documentary Photographers 40,819 Views
  2. Top 10 Best Portrait Photographers Today 37,090 Views
  3. Holler Girl – The Story of a West Virginia Native 17,313 Views
  4. Pieces of Me – Keystone Tipple 13,981 Views
  5. West Virginia Coal Country – McDowell County – Part 1 7,231 Views



Top 5 Most Commented On Posts of 2014

  1. Pieces of Me – Keystone Tipple 79 Comments
  2. Holler Girl – The Story of a West Virginia Native 47 Comments
  3. Rotkäppchen – The Dark Tale of Red Riding Hood 21 Comments
  4. Girl’s Imagination Plays in the Shadows of Twiggy 10 Comments
  5. Teslyn Youth Model | A Strong Passion Realized by Chance 7 Comments



My Favorite 5 Posts From 2014 (not already listed)

  1. Skyscrapers of the West, 21st Century Boomtowns
  2. Madalina Youth Model | Country Girl to Mega Ultimate Supreme Queen
  3. Field Without Fences
  4. Native American Wedding | Mandaree, North Dakota | Unique Wedding Photographer
  5. My Personal Website Gets a Refresh Along With Many New Additions to the Gary, Indiana Series


Some of my Graphic Design Work in 2014



New Features Added in 2014 

  1. Featured Product Page
  2. Press & Awards
  3. FAQ Page
  4. Updated About Me Page
  5. Custom Made Cabinet Cards

travis dewitz pines portrait suit thumb web PhotographTravis Dewitz is a remarkable photographer in the Chippewa Valley. He is well known for photographing local sceneries, landmarks, venues, buildings and people in various and ingenious ways. Though you not know him personally, his work provides a unique foundation of our local community and his photographs are unmistakable. Dewitz’s pictures are an impressive feat and preserve a moment; long after our travels are over, and our memories faded, photos are what remind us of the adventures we had and the connections to the people we met. Learn more about him here.

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Travis Dewitz

My name is Travis Dewitz and I am from Eau Claire, Wisconsin. My specialty is commercial photography with a love for expressive portraits. My work is Conceptual, Emotive, Editorial, Surreal and Eclectic. I am passionate about fashioning new worlds through photographs as I extend my visions beyond the realm of the camera. I have incredible vision, which you can see in all of my photos.

Comments (2)

  1. Wendy C Deiss via Facebook

    Travis, we are all so proud of you & you’ve come so far with your photography. Someday we’ll read about you in magazines & how the rich & famous only want you to do their photo shoots. I can see this is truly what you love to do. Congrats on every step you’ve taken to get where you are & I wish you nothing but the best in every step you take in the future

  2. Erika Falter Johnson

    Congrats on all of your success! You deserve everything that comes your way!

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