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November 4, 2012 Travis Dewitz

Bruner Blades – Inspecting Rough Knife Blade Blank


Bruner Blades located in Fall Creek, Wisconsin is a custom knife maker. A member of the Knifemakers’ Guild, Fred has been making beautiful handcrafted knives since the 80’s. Every part of his knives are handcrafted for a one of a kind look. Fred starts the knife making process by heating high-grade carbon steel in a blast furnace until it is red-hot. The knife blade blank then gets hammered and shaped by a mechanical forge hammer. The  knife blank gets reheated and hammered over and over until the rough shape is achieved. He then hand hammers the red-hot knife blank in to the desired rough blank. The rough blank will be later shaped further into the desired knife blade using industrial metal sanders. The next step is to buff the blade out and file a spot for the knife guard. The knife guard is drilled out of brass for a perfect fit. The handle then can be pinned to the knife blade and final polishing and sharpening can take place. Fred has many custom and replica handmade knives on display and for sale in his glass cases at his Fall Creek shop. His knives are some of the best quality and sharpest (no pun intended) looking knives I have ever seen. Hunting season is here and one of these handmade knives would make a great companion out in the woods of Wisconsin and don’t forget that Christmas is right around the corner as one of these knives would make an incredible gift. If you are interested in one of these handcrafted knives or would just like more information, see the bottom of this post for Bruner Blades contact information. Part II


Bruner Blades – Steel For Knife Blank Heated Red Hot in Furnace

Bruner Knives – Pounding Out a Knife Blank

Bruner Blades – Red Hot Steel Knife Blank Smokes as Hammered

Bruner Blades – Putting Knife Blade Blank Back Into LP Steel Blast Furnace

Bruner Blades – Taking Steel Blade Blank Out of Blast Furnace to Hammer Into Shape

Bruner Blades – Red Hot Steel Furnace Fish Eye Lens

Bruner Blades – Removing Molten Hot Knife Blank From Steel Blast Furnace

Bruner Blades – Shaping Knife Blade Steel Blank with Forging Hammer

Bruner Blades – Forging Hammer Shapes Steel Hunting Knife Blade

Bruner Blades – Well Worn Steel Metal Work Wood Handled Hammer

Bruner Blades – Hand Hammering Red Hot Steel Blade Into Shape

Bruner Blades – Hand Hammering and Shaping Red Hot Steel Knife Blank

Bruner Blades – Hammer Comes Down Hard Into Red Hot Steel Knife Blade Blank

Bruner Blades – Rough Handmade Knife Blank Cools

Bruner Blades – Assortment of Hammers For Knife and Blade Metal Work

Bruner Blades – Steel Metal Machine Shop Heater

Bruner Blades – Finished Knife Blank Ready For Handle and Pinning

Bruner Blades – Drilling Out Brass Knife Guard

Bruner Blades – Sizing Up Brass Knife Guard for Knife Finished Blank

Bruner Blades – Knife Blade Blank Ready to be Polished With Buffing Compound

Bruner Blades – First Handmade Knife

Bruner Blades – Finished Buffed Filet Knife Blade Blanks – Blade Blanks and Tools on Work Bench

Bruner Blades – Portrait With Certified Knife Maker – Unique Antique Knife and Metal Wear in Display Case

Bruner Blades – Bruner’s First Handmade Large Bowie Knife – Custom Made Knives in Showcase

Bruner Blades – Incredible Steel Forging Damascus Knife Blade – Famous Replica Bowie Knife

Bruner Blades – Skull and Hamm’s Glass Bear Mirror – Antique Metal Wear


See the Knife Handle Assembly in Part II 

You can get your own Bruner Blade custom or replicate  handmade knife.

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phone | 715.225.8017 or 715.877.2496

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