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Youth Portrait Portfolio HeaderMy youth portraits are focused on professionally photographing your child in a way not commonly seen. My passion is to engage children doing what they love and who they really are; the most beautiful, soulful expressions at the heart of their being. I work hard to capture your child in a unique way that makes them appear larger than life. They are the focus of my images. I use advanced lighting approaches to create the look, mood, and feel of their portrait. This means that your child’s portraits are more than a picture, but they are a story; a story of who they are, a story of their life, a true story and not just a picture. I like to include parts of your world in our portrait session together; something that is near and dear to your family. My goal at every portrait session is to make the experience as much of a memory as the portraits themselves. [photomosaic exclude=”12101″]

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Frequently Asked Questions Click Here Link PhotographI have established my high-end brand of photography throughout the Chippewa Valley in Portrait, Modeling, Corporate, and Commercial Photography. I am passionate about photographing local scenarios, landscapes, buildings, and I yearn for the chance to capture the individuality and beauty in every subject. My goal is to provide you the opportunity to separate yourself from the rest and expand on your unique artistry through creative images. I will inspire a vision that is right for you all while capturing your distinct look and personality; in whatever type of photography portfolio you choose. I am humbled to have been a featured artist in many national photography competitions and exhibitions, in addition to being published in local and national magazines including. I have always believed that long after our travels are over, and our memories faded, photos remind us of the adventures we had and the incredible connections to the people we met.Dewitz Photography Tagline Professional Photographers Association We Accept Credit Cards Footer Photograph

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