My New Custom Engraved USB Drives and Cases Have Arrived

I am excited to bring in my new line of USB drives and cases. Both the drive and the case are laser engraved and can be customized. All of my wedding packages include the USB drive of your weddings images that are printable. The drive will also include a print release for you to use if needed. The USB drive can also be purchased as an upgrade to your portrait photography session.  I believe that the USB drive is a much better way to handle your photography files opposed to a CD or DVD as the USB drive is much easier to carry and much more durable. I also believe that your images will be more secure on the USB drive over a CD/DVD since CD/DVD are known to break down over time. No matter how secure any file storage device is, you still need to have back-up copies for total protection against loss. If you have any questions about my new USB Drives and cases, let me know.




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