Model Comp Cards and Headshots With Resume Header Photo

Modern Clean Comp Card Designs Angled - AmandaComp cards are an essential marketing tool for casting agencies, talent scouts, agents, and photographers to remember who you are by the versatility of your photos and book you for future projects. If you are a serious model/actor you have to be willing to market yourself and invest time and money to make this happen. For a comp card to be effective you have to have an outstanding set of photographs; eye-catching, story-telling, grab everyone’s attention images for your headshot on the front to the collection of imagery on the back.


Modern Clean Comp Card Designs Angled - Teslyn

Investing in You

  • Professional Imagery
  • Top Design Strategies
  • Marketing Industry Standards
  • Resume Building (or Repertoire)
  • Personalized Service
  • Top Tiered Final Product

Youth Model Comp Card Template Design

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