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Femme Forte

Femme Forte translates to Strong Women.

Photography is my passion and my projects are a way for me to share my passion with you. This project is about females in roles that would be considered more male oriented. Some of these roles include jobs and hobbies which you would normally associate a man doing. Women in these roles are at the forefront of female empowerment and strength in society today.

“A strong woman, is a woman determined to do something others determined not to be done.” ~ Marge Piercy


I need your help with this women’s empowerment project. Other photography projects that I need help with.

I started working on my Femme Forte project at the beginning of 2011. It has come a long way in a short period of time with a lot of help from my friends, family, and those who participated. I had this idea to show, in photographs, how many women really have professions and hobbies that traditionally basically only men had. I have found that some of the hobbies are enjoyed by many women. For example when you think of a hunter most will have an image of a man pop into your head first. Through this project I have found a very high percentage of women are avid hunters. I am sure as this project continues, I will be surprised by many more male oriented hobbies and professions that are heavily populated by women. This is where I need your help. I need more women to help me fulfill this project. I have used social networks like Facebook to get in contact with many that have helped me to this point. This has been one reason why my project seems to have an age limit of 30. I want all ages to be a part of this. Do you or your Mother or Grandmother bit the bill? I want to encompass all ages and as many professions and hobbies as I can.

I have no final plans for this project at this time. Maybe down the road it may be part of exhibit on display at the library or art show or maybe will may some day go into print in a magazine or as a book. You can be a part of this or may know someone that could be. Please help me get the word out. I only have 5 more bookings for this project and would love to add many more. Send any comments or information to me here.

The photo collage above includes –

Megan – A bird hunter from Chippewa Falls, WI. This was here first time being photographed professionally like this. She sent me this 5 star review.

“This was my first photo shoot ever, and I was beyond nervous. Travis made my first experience absolutely amazing! He made me feel very comfortable and it was a very fun evening. Travis is extremely knowledgeable and the photos turned out wonderful. I recommend him 100%!” – Megan

Korie – She is an automotive tech at Got Brakes in Hastings, MN.

Kayla – Kayla races a drag car at tracks around the area. She is from Eau Claire and I did her shoot in between timed runs down the track at Rock Falls Speedway. She also left me a great review.

“Travis made such a fun environment for me at the race track. For what short time I had, Travis was very understanding and flexible with my schedule. I loved the way he changed the lighting from picture to picture. It was amazing because it was the sunniest day. Travis has a very creative mind. I would recommend Travis for any photography you need done!” – Kayla

Taylor – Taylor works for Boxx Sanitation in Eau Claire, WI. Taylor and Boxx Sanitation were both great to work with and both went out of their way to make the shoot work.

Deanna – Deanna is a volunteer firefighter for her local township. Besides senior portraits, this was her first time posing for a photographer and she did a great job.

“Travis created an extremely comfortable environment for me while taking pictures with my Fire Department. He did an outstanding job!!!” – Deanna

Mia – Mia actually has a strong love for cars, period. I choose to show her doing body work even though I had a few choices.

I would like to thank those of you that have helped me so far and to those that will help me in the future. You have the control to shape this female empowerment project. Just a few idea to help spark your thoughts. Logger, construction worker, truck driver, heavy equipment operator, armed services, police officer, biker, electrician, power sports, railroader, martial arts, and the list goes on.

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