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Do you want the best training that is molded to your skill level and needs. Do you want to advance faster than your competition or be the best you can be at an accelerated rate. This is the class for you. I will cover what you can handle, all done photographer to photographer. This one on one, hands on training can not be beat. You will become a different photographer as we shoot. This training is booked by the hour and a two hour training session is ideal. Anything over two hours is just too much information to retain. This one on one training program is $75/hr which is very affordable for custom to you training.  The custom training program will be sculpted exactly to where you want to advance, your skill level tat you are at now, and your current equipment.

Please include your camera make and model, lenses, skill level, and desired results (aka – being a better photographer, wedding photography, portraits, speedlights, etc.) on the contact.

The One on One Training is by far my best selling and best valued training option for you.  BOOK NOW

General Photography Workshop – Beginner to Advanced

6/28/11 – 7PM – Riverview Park – Eau Claire, WI

Introducing Your Children to Photography

A photography workshop based on hands on activities for children and their parents. This workshop is geared towards helping jump start a child’s passion towards the art of photography. The activities are based on fun and exciting ways that you and your child can work together to make photography fun for them and create a family activity that you can continue into the future.

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Introduction to Photography – Beginner Level

This workshop is designed to help those just starting to get their feet wet. From cell phones to DSLRs, we will cover the bare basics like camera control, composition, data management, printing, free editing programs, and many other vital beginner skills needed to advance with great results.

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Intermediate to Advance Level Photography Skills – Intermediate to Advanced Level

If your comfortable with your DSLR, this is the class for you. We will dig much deeper into the art of photography in this hands on class. We will deep into what you need to know to control your camera and the image that you envision before pressing the shutter. We will discuss file manegement, ISO, aperture, shutter speed, memory cards, lenses, camera bodies, and much, much more. This class will make you want to step into full manual mode and make you efficient with your equipment.

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Learn to See as a Photographer – Beginner to Advanced Level

A workshop focused to help you create stunning images on a regular basis. Learn how to compose your images better and use any given light condition to your advantage. Hands on activities will force you to see the World in a completely different way that pushes you out of your comfort zone. We will discuss how to use angles, compositions, light, lenses, and other techniques to make people stop and look at your work.

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Advanced Speedlight Techniques – Advanced Level

Learn how to use your speedlights to make the photography that you want. We will cover light placement, power settings, light modifiers, triggers, and techniques. Learn to shoot on location with the same light quality as you would get with a studio set up.

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