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November 20, 2014 Travis Dewitz

The 2014 nine-day deer gun hunting season arrives on Saturday. As hunters prepare for the big weekend they share all the intimate details of their own reminiscent deer hunting stories and traditions. I am honored to have had the privilege to talk about this impactful season and my recently published book, Blaze Orange, on the Morning Blend on NBC affiliate TMJ4 in Milwaukee and also the Larry Meiller show on Wisconsin Public Radio. I included links below to these two latest interviews. I have had tremendous support from our community and the hunting families I was privileged to work with. Without them, none of this is possible.

On the weekend before Thanksgiving, hundreds of thousands of Wisconsinites head out to the woods to hunt deer. It’s a tradition enjoyed by men, women, adults and children alike — something that one Eau Claire-based photographer strove to represent in his new book.

Besides the hunters themselves, Dewitz’s new collection features images of businesses and individuals whose livelihoods depend on the hunt, as well as people who work to keep the hunt safe, like Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources game warden Scott Thiede.

One “Larry Meiller Show” listener who said her name was Darlene shared a story that reflected how much deer hunting can revolve around family. She said that she had been hunting deer and other animals for over 40 years.One “Larry Meiller Show” listener who said her name was Darlene shared a story that reflected how much deer hunting can revolve around family. She said that she had been hunting deer and other animals for over 40 years. – continue to read full post on WPR

“BLAZE ORANGE” Larry Meiller Show

Travis Dewitz Deer Hunting Portrait(pp w150 h150) Photograph

About the Author – Travis Dewitz is the owner of Dewitz Photography in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. He has a deep passion for photography and loves environmental portraits along with documentary photography. Having lived in Wisconsin his whole life and growing up in the woods of western Wisconsin, Travis has an inside knowledge of the once a year whitetail gun hunting season. He personally knows the tradition and family ties to the cult like blaze orange wearing hunters that live for the 9 day season.

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